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    The Note Loudspeaker

    The Note. A radical line array loudspeaker by Mark Porzilli offering world class imaging, transparency, dynamics, resolution and musicality.

    The Note is available in high quality white or black powder coat from stock but almost any color may be specified to integrate with the interior aesthetic. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

    More room friendly than any other high end floorstanding speaker the Note has a very small footprint. The column itself is only 2 inches wide. Height is 83 inches and depth is 3.5 inches. The speaker is mounted on an elegant stone plinth.

    Formed from precision extruded aluminium The Note is engineered to the highest standard. Each speaker sports 48 titanium drivers which, together, produce unbelievable dynamics, accuracy and clarity.  Because of the efficiency of the multi-driver configuration distortion is negligible. In fact The Note almost certainly has the lowest distortion of any speaker on the planet at this point.

    The Note is a speaker for music lovers, opening a vast, intimate window onto treasured recordings and inviting new adventures in the exploration of recorded sound. Hear every detail of the performance or mix like you were there at the moment of music creation. A front row seat, and closer!