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    Liquid Cables

    Liquid Cables are made from Litz, backed by science and engineering.

    Litz wire mitigates against the increase in resistance of wire that takes place at higher frequencies due to skin effect and proximity effect. This is what it was designed to do, not for audio specifically, but for AC at radio frequencies. NIST uses Litz for their time code broadcasting station WWVB. Most radio-controlled clocks in North America use WWVB's transmissions to set the correct time.

    Skin effect is well known. The higher the frequency the more it tends to conduct in a layer towards the surface of the cable, which has the effect of increasing resistance. The effective cross section of the conductor is reduced at these frequencies as they do not occupy all of the cable. Resistance increases as cross section decreases. Litz overcomes this by using strands which are, individually, less than a skin depth. The strands are each insulated to avoid them acting like one large cross section cable.

    Proximity effect is similar. Where individual uninsulated strands of wire touch eddies occur and current 'bunches' at the intersection, effectively reducing the wire cross section and increasing resistance.

    This is why I use Litz for my Liquid Cables. It guarantees consistency of resistance in the cable regardless of frequency and this is beneficial for audio quality. Liquid Cables will not 'reduce distortion'. No speaker cable can do that. Nor will they perform any other kinds of magic tricks that are sometimes claimed for cables. They will transmit the signal emerging from the amplifier output to The Note loudspeaker consistently without signal loss due to variations in resistance with frequency. Litz is often preferred for tonearm cable. A good solution for carrying the very delicate signal from a cartridge.

    Liquid Cables are hand made. We use tens to hundreds of thousands of Litz strands per cable, even though this very considerably increases the difficulty of making it. Our entry level cables have 13200 strands per set and our highest end cables have close to half a million. Liquid Cables are designed to perfectly complement my The Note line array loudspeaker.

    Liquid Cables enable a fluid, effortless, natural sound presentation. You may try Liquid Cables at home for 30 days with free returns and a money back guarantee.

    Mark Porzilli

    The Designer at the Designer’s Desk